Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    Where a student and/or parent/guardian files an appeal, under Section 11 of the School Act and Board Appeals Bylaw, of a decision of an employee covered by this Agreement or in connection with or affecting such an employee:

       a.    The Board shall request that the student and/or parent/guardian of the student meet first to discuss the appeal with the employee(s) and the employee(s)’ supervisor;

       b.    The employee and the Association shall be notified of the appeal within twenty-four (24) hours and shall be entitled to receive all documents relating to the appeal;

       c.    The employee shall be entitled to attend any formal meeting in connection with the appeal where the appellant is present and shall have the right to representation by the association;

       d.    The employee shall have the opportunity to provide a written reply to any allegations contained in the appeal.

2.    No decision or bylaw of the Board with respect to the conduct of such appeals or the disposition of any appeal shall abrogate any right, benefit, or process contained in this Agreement or deprive the employee of any right, benefit, or process otherwise provide by law.

3.    The Board shall refuse to hear any appeal where the student and/or parent/guardian of the student has not attended a formal meeting called in connection with the appeal.

4.    In the event that a decision of an employee may be altered, varied, or reversed, then the employee shall first be given the opportunity to make representations to the appropriate Board official before such a decision is confirmed.


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