Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    There shall be only one personnel file per teacher maintained at the School Board Office.

2.    Any teacher's file kept at the school shall, on the teacher's departure from that school, be sent to the teacher's School Board Office file after the teacher has been given an opportunity to review the file, in accordance with Article E.17 of this Agreement.

3.    After receiving a request from a teacher, the Superintendent (or designate), in respect of any School Board Office file, or the Administrative Officer, in respect of any school file, shall forthwith grant access to the teacher's file. 

4.    Personnel files, regardless of storage format, shall not be made available to any person except the Superintendent (or designate), the Secretary-Treasurer (or designate), the teacher or his/her Administrative Officer, except upon written request of the teacher, or as required by law. 

5.    Information in personnel files may be made available to the Board at the professional discretion of the Superintendent or by motion of the Board.  The teacher shall receive written notice within seven (7) days when such action has taken place.

6.    The Board agrees that only material which is factual and relevant to the employment of the teacher shall be maintained in personnel files.  In the event that the appropriate Board official does not agree to the removal of specific material, the teacher may file a grievance pursuant to Article A.6 of this Agreement. 

7.    Any correspondence concerning grievances filed by a teacher or the Association, other than the final resolution of the grievance, (including an arbitration award, if rendered), shall not appear in the teacher's file, but will be filed elsewhere.  The final disposition of policy grievances of a general nature filed by the Association or the Board, shall not be placed in teachers' personnel files.


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