Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    Teaching Assignments

       a.    Except for sound educational reasons, a teacher's qualifications, as defined in Article E.13.3 of this Agreement, shall determine the teacher's assignment.  The teacher has the right to be informed in writing within seven (7) days of a written request the reasons for any reassignment.

       b.    Every effort shall be made by the school principal to inform teachers of their assignments for the next school year prior to June 15th of the preceding school year.

2.    Teacher-in-Charge

       a.    An Administrative Officer may appoint a teacher-in-charge as and when required.  This appointment shall be made and communicated to the teacher-in-charge at least one (1) teaching day prior to the Administrative Officer's absence.  The teacher has the right to refuse to act as teacher-in-charge except in an emergency and then only for the duration of the emergency.  Job action shall not constitute an emergency.

       b.    The teacher-in-charge, when requested to act, shall attend to ensuring that routine supervision adequate to secure the safety of students and security of the school is maintained, and shall deal with emergent matters as they may arise, with required assistance from the Board Office.  Routine attendance recording and information reporting to the Board shall be maintained.  However, except as otherwise agreed to between the teacher-in-charge and the Administrative Officer, the teacher-in-charge shall not be responsible for other ongoing administrative or managerial duties, and specifically shall not have such responsibilities in relation to other teachers or parents.

       c.    The teacher-in-charge shall not be required to assume the duties specified in Article E.15.2.b of this Agreement for more than five (5) consecutive days.

       d.    Absences of Administrative Officers for more than five (5) consecutive days shall be filled by an acting appointment to the vacant position.

       e.    Where a teacher-in-charge is appointed and in the opinion of the teacher a teacher-on-call is required, such request shall be made first to the principal, and if refused, to the Superintendent.  This request shall not be unreasonably denied.

       f.    While acting as teacher-in-charge, the teacher is covered by all terms and conditions of this Agreement.


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