Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    Vacancies for temporary and continuing positions which exist after the implementation of all teacher transfers in accordance with Article E.14 of this Agreement shall be posted in the Superintendent's Bulletin and in the School Board Office.  All such vacancies which arise after June 30th of each year shall be advertised in the local newspapers during the months of July and August.  Nothing in this Article shall be construed as preventing or prohibiting the Board from filling any vacancies arising after June 30th from any source.
2.    Where the qualifications and suitability of a teacher for a vacant position are equal, the priority for filling the vacancy shall be as follows:
a.    teachers returning from leaves of absence;
b.    teachers either holding or eligible for current B.C. teaching certificates
3.    Qualifications and Suitability
a.    In this Article "qualifications and suitability" shall consider the following:
i.    certification;
ii.    recent experience in a similar assignment;
iii.    academic preparation - suitability of major and minor subject fields, program concentrations and subsequent training;
iv.    quality of service as reflected in reports from Administrative Officers and the Superintendent (or designate);
v.    past performance judged from contacts made with the referees named by the applicant, one of which should include the applicant's last supervisor;
vi.    service in the school district.
4.    Staffing Qualifications of Specialist Positions
a.    The Board and the Association recognize that:
i.    skills, knowledge and ability shall be the primary criteria for the assignment of teachers to specialist positions;

ii.    in counselling, as in many other specialized areas, the accepted standard of training is often at the Masters Degree level.


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