Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    Teachers shall attend staff meetings unless excused by their Administrative Officer.

       a.    The Administrative Officer shall give seven (7) days' notice of a staff meeting.  Where such notice is not given, teachers shall make every possible effort to attend the meeting.

       b.    An agenda of items shall be given to teachers at least one day prior to any staff meeting.

       c.    Teachers and Administrative Officers shall have the right to place items on the agenda to be considered at the meeting.

2.    Staff meetings shall be held on school days as defined by this Agreement.  Such meetings shall not be scheduled:

       a.    to commence more than one hour prior to the beginning of classes nor to conclude later than two hours after the dismissal of students; nor

       b.    on weekends or holidays.

3.    Teachers shall make every possible effort to attend staff meetings that extend beyond the time frame set out in Article D.17.2 of this Agreement.

4.    There shall be a maximum of two staff meetings a month, except in emergent situations, in which case the meeting shall be limited to the emergent item.


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