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1. In this article, an alternative school calendar is a school calendar that differs from the standard school calendar as specified in Schedule 1 (Supplement) of the School Calendar Regulation 114/02.
2. When a school district intends to implement an alternate school calendar, written notification shall be provided to the local no later than forty (40) working days prior to its implementation. The employer and the local shall meet within five (5) working days following receipt of such notice to negotiate modifications to the provisions of the agreement that are directly or indirectly affected by the proposed change(s). The aforesaid modifications shall preserve, to the full legal extent possible, the original intent of the agreement.
3. The process outlined below in Article D.3.4 thru Article D.3.7 applies only to modifications to the school calendar that include a four-day school week, a nine-day fortnight, or a year round calendar.
4. If the parties cannot agree on the modifications required, including whether or not a provision(s) is/are directly or indirectly affected by the proposed alternate school calendar, the matter(s) in dispute may be referred, by either party, to expedited arbitration pursuant to Article D.3.6 below for final and binding resolution.
5. The jurisdiction of the arbitrator shall be limited to the modifications of the agreement necessary to accommodate the alternate school calendar.
6. In the event the arbitration is not concluded prior to the implementation of the alternate school calendar, the arbitrator will have remedial authority to make retroactive modifications and adjustments to the agreement.
7. The arbitration shall convene within thirty (30) working days of referral to arbitration in accordance with the following:
a. Within ten (10) working days of the matter being referred to arbitration, the parties shall identify all issues in dispute;
b. Within a further five (5) working days, there shall be a complete disclosure of particulars and documents;
c. Within a further five (5) working days, the parties shall exchange initial written submissions;
d. The hearing shall commence within a further ten (10) working days; and
e. The arbitrator shall render a final and binding decision within a further fifteen (15) working days.
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8. Where an alternate school calendar has been established prior to the ratification of the Collective Agreement, existing agreements that accommodate the alternate school calendar shall be retained unless the parties agree that they should be amended.
Note: BCTF will provide a list of acceptable arbitrators from the current list of arbitrators available through the Collective Agreement Arbitration Bureau.


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