Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    Definition

       For the purposes of this Agreement, the term "Modern Languages" shall be understood to mean those languages other than English which may be required to be taught by the Ministry or Board as part of the curriculum for students in the English program.

2.    Notice and Consultation

       When the Board determines that a Modern Language is to become part of the curriculum, the Board shall notify the Association, in writing, at least ninety (90) days before such change is introduced.  Once such notice is given, the Board agrees to discuss the matter with the Association.

3.    Negotiations

       Once notice of Modern Language changes is given, the Board shall negotiate with the Association ways in which employees in the bargaining unit who may be affected can adjust to the effects of such change.

4.    Retraining

       The Board agrees, whenever practicable, to offer retraining to the teachers affected by such Modern Language changes, bearing the cost of such retraining.

5.    General

       There shall be no adverse effect on a teacher who is unable to teach a Modern Language.


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