Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    Definition
       Technological change shall be defined as a change in the manner, method or procedure in which the employer carries on his work, undertaking or business that is related to the introduction of that equipment or material, but "technological change" does not include normal layoffs resulting from a decrease in the amount of work to be done.

2.    Notice and Discussion

       When it is determined that the introduction of a technological change is under consideration or is to be introduced, the Board shall notify the Association in writing.  Such notice shall be given at least ninety (90) days before the term in which the introduction of the technological change is intended.  Once such notice is given, the Board agrees to discuss the matter with the Association.

3.    Information

       a.    The notice of intent to introduce a technological change shall contain:

              i.    the nature of the change;

             ii.    the effective date of the change;

            iii.    the approximate number, type and location of Association members likely to be affected by the change.

       b.    The Board shall update this information as new developments arise and modifications are made.

4.    Negotiation

       a.    Once notice of a technological change has been given pursuant to Article C.18  of this Agreement, the Board shall negotiate with the Association ways in which employees in the bargaining unit who may be affected can adjust to the effects of the technological change.

       b.    The Board and the Association agree that this Article C.18 represents the agreement between the Board and the Association on technological change, as contemplated by the Labour Relations Code and Regulations.


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