Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    Teachers-on-call shall not be subject to any of the provisions of this Agreement other than the definition of terms in the preamble and A.1, A.2, A.3, A.4, A.6, A.19, A.20, A.21, A.22, A.23, A.24, A.25, A.26, A.27, A.28, A.29, A.30, B.2.7, B.2.8, B.13, C.1, C.16, D.18, E.1, E.2, E.17, E.18, E.19 and any other Article where so specifically stated

2.    The Board shall maintain a list of persons who are qualified.  The Board shall forward a copy of such list to the Association in the month of September, and in the month of January in each school year.

3.    To qualify to be listed as a teacher-on-call, a person must:

       a.    possess a valid B.C. teaching certificate;

       b.    be available as reasonably required throughout the district.

4.    The placement of a person's name onto the teacher-on-call list shall be approved annually by the Superintendent. 

5.    Removal of Name from Teacher-on-Call List

       a.    The Board shall not remove the name of a person from the teacher-on-call list for arbitrary or discriminatory reasons.

       b.    Before a person’s name is removed from the teacher-on-call list, once established in accordance with Articles C.16.2 and C.16.3 of this Agreement, the person shall be advised of the removal and the reasons for the removal.

6.    Whenever practicable, the Board shall provide a teacher-on-call for every teacher absent from instructional responsibility due to illness or other approved leave. 

7.    A teacher may, for educational reasons, request a specific person on the list to act as a teacher-on-call.

8.    The Board may appoint a person not on the list to a teacher-on-call assignment in the event that no available person on the list possesses the necessary qualifications for the assignment.

9.    A teacher-on-call is only responsible for the same duties as the teacher he/she is replacing, except where reassigned by the Administrative Officer after consultation with the teacher-on-call, to perform duties normally performed by a teacher.

10.    Where the Board expects a teacher to be absent for more then twenty (20) consecutive teaching days, the vacancy shall be posted in accordance with Article E.13of this agreement.

11.    Where a teacher-on-call is initially assigned to a class where the teacher is absent for twenty (20) days or less, the teacher-on-call shall be permitted to continue in the assignment unless specialist skills are necessary due to the nature of the assignment and provided that the teacher-on-call is able to provide satisfactory service in the assignment.


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