Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    The Board may appoint a teacher to a temporary appointment specifying the period of its duration.  At the time of the offer, the teacher shall be informed that the appointment is temporary and of the duration of the appointment.

2.    Temporary appointments shall be made in accordance with the following:

       a.    for a period not exceeding ten (10) consecutive months to any position temporarily existing or temporarily vacant, or

       b.    for a period not exceeding the remainder of the existing school year, to any position which has become vacant during a school year.

3.    At the expiration of the period specified in the temporary appointment, the temporary appointment shall be deemed to be terminated.

4.     a.    The number of FTE teachers on temporary appointment as at November 30th and May 15th of each school year shall not exceed the number of FTE vacancies pursuant to Articles C.15.1 and C.15.2 of this Agreement by more than ten (10%) percent.

        b.    The May 15th date in Article C.15.4 of this Agreement may be waived or modified by mutual agreement of the Board and the Association in the following circumstances:

               i.    if district enrolment projections prepared by the Ministry of Education for the following September are less than actual enrolment as at April 30th;

              ii.    where external financial constraints are imposed upon the Board. 

5.    A position which is temporarily created for a specific educational purpose and has existed for two (2) consecutive years shall be reviewed by the Board and shall be made permanent or discontinued. 

6.    The Board agrees to provide the Association with the following:

       a.    A list of all temporary teachers;

       b.    A list of all positions defined in Article C.15.5 of this Agreement;
       c.    A list of all employees in the bargaining unit on leave of absence.
       This list shall be forwarded to the Association by October 15th and May 1st of each year, and thereafter copies of temporary appointments as they occur.

7.    A teacher who has been employed by the Board on a temporary appointment for at least four (4) full-time equivalent continuous teaching months and an aggregate of thirteen (13) full-time equivalent teaching months and who is re-appointed to a position in the district, shall be granted a continuing appointment. 

8.    Evaluation of Temporary Teachers 

       a.    The Board recognizes the value of evaluating teachers on temporary appointments.    

       b.    A temporary teacher may be evaluated at any time but, in any event, an evaluation shall be completed before the conclusion of the temporary teacher's thirteenth (13th) month of service.

       c.    At any time after an evaluation referred to in this Article is completed, a temporary teacher may request a meeting with the Superintendent to discuss the prospects of being considered for any vacancies for continuing appointments.


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