Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    A teacher with a full-time appointment to the teaching staff of the district may, without prejudice to that appointment, request a part-time assignment, specifying the fraction of time requested, and the length of time for which the part-time assignment is requested.

2.    When a request is granted pursuant to Article C.14.1 of this Agreement, the teacher shall, at the end of such assignment, return to a full-time comparable assignment or request another full-time assignment or an increased assignment.  Such requests shall be granted if:

        a.    a full-time or increased time assignment is available for which the teacher is qualified; and
        b.    the request for the full-time or increased time assignment commences at the beginning of a school year or when mutually agreed.

3.    A teacher with a part-time assignment may, without prejudice to that assignment, request an additional specified part-time appointment pursuant to Articles C.14.1 and C.14.2 of this Agreement. 

4.    Two teachers employed by the Board may jointly request a specified job-sharing assignment in respect of a single full-time position.  Such a request shall be processed pursuant to Articles C.14.1, C.14.2 and C.14.3 of this Agreement.  Where the request is granted, salary shall be prorated according to the percentage of time worked by each teacher. 

5.    Prior to offering a teacher a part-time assignment, the Administrative Officer responsible shall discuss with the teacher the teacher's professional responsibilities and terms of employment pursuant to the conditions of this Agreement in connection with the assignment.  This discussion shall include specific details of teacher preparation time arrangements, pursuant to Article D.4 of this Agreement.  If any teacher requesting such an assignment or assigned to such a position has any concerns about the extent of his/her assigned professional responsibilities, the teacher may request a meeting with the Superintendent, which shall not be unreasonably denied.  The teacher shall have the right to be accompanied by a representative of the Association.


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