Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    The Board shall not dismiss a teacher for less than satisfactory performance reasons unless the Board has received three (3) consecutive reports indicating a less than satisfactory level of performance prepared in accordance with Article E.16 of this Agreement.

2.    The first and second reports referred to in Article C.13.1 of this Agreement shall be prepared by different evaluators, one of whom shall be the Superintendent or designate.

3.    Reports referred to in Article C.13.1 of this Agreement shall cover a period of time not less than twelve (12) calendar months nor more than twenty-four (24) calendar months from the date of the first classroom observation leading to the first report referred to in Article E.16 of this Agreement, to the issuance of the third report referred to in Article E.16 of this Agreement, subject to the following:

       a.    Absence on sick leave or other leave of absence shall not be included in the calculation of the period of time referred to in Article C.13.3 of this Agreement; and

       b.    In the event of the absence of an employee on sick leave, the twenty-four-(24) month period may be extended by mutual agreement between the Board and the Association.  Such agreement shall not be unreasonably refused; and

       c.    Absence on sick leave shall not constitute part of the time frame restriction for the completion of reports specified in Article E.16 of this Agreement.

4.    Where the Board intends to dismiss a teacher on the grounds of unsatisfactory performance, it shall, within fourteen (14) days, notify the teacher and the Association of such intention and provide an opportunity to meet with the Superintendent and the Board.

5.    Where the Board dismisses a teacher for unsatisfactory performance reasons in accordance with Article C.13 of this Agreement, the teacher shall be advised in writing and shall be entitled to an amount equal to thirty (30) days salary upon dismissal.


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