Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1. Where the Previous Collective Agreement does not contain a provision that allows an employee the option of receiving partial payment of annual salary in July and August, the following shall become and remain part of the Collective Agreement.
2. A continuing employee, or an employee hired to a temporary contract of employment no later than September 30 that extends to June 30, may elect to participate in an Optional Twelve-Month Pay Plan (the Plan) administered by the employer.
3. An employee electing to participate in the Plan in the subsequent year must inform the employer, in writing, on or before June 15. An employee hired after that date must inform the employer of her/his intention to participate in the Plan by September 30th. It is understood, that an employee appointed after June 15 in the previous school year and up to September 30 of the subsequent school year, who elects to participate in the Plan, will have deductions from net monthly pay, in the same amount as other employees enrolled in the Plan, pursuant to Article B.8.5.
4. An employee electing to withdraw from the Plan must inform the employer, in writing, on or before June 15 of the preceding year.
5. Employees electing to participate in the Plan shall receive their annual salary over 10 (ten) months; September to June. The employer shall deduct, from the net monthly pay, in each twice-monthly pay period, an amount agreed to by the local and the employer. This amount will be paid into the Plan by the employer.
6. Interest to March 31 is calculated on the Plan and added to the individual employee’s accumulation in the Plan.
7. An employee’s accumulation in the Plan including her/his interest accumulation to March 31st shall be paid in equal installments on July 15 and August 15.
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8. Interest earned by the Plan in the months of April through August shall be retained by the employer.
9. The employer shall inform employees of the Plan at the time of hire.
10. Nothing in this Article shall be taken to mean than an employee has any obligation to perform work beyond the regular school year.


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