Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1. In this Article:
a. “the BCTF Plan” means the Group RRSP entered into by the Federation and Royal Trust or a successor to that plan;
b. “alternative plan” means a group RRSP, including the BCTF Plan, which was entered into prior to the coming into force of this Article, and which is still in effect as of that date.
2. Where an alternative plan exists in a district pursuant to Article B.5.1.b that plan shall remain in effect.
3. The BCTF Plan shall be made available in all districts not included in Article B.5.2.
4. The employer shall deduct from the monthly salary of employees, as at the end of the month following enrollment, contributions in a fixed dollar amount specified by the employee on behalf of any employee who elects to participate in the BCTF Plan. The employer shall remit these amounts to the designated trustee no later than the 15th of the month following the month in which the deduction is made.
5. The employer shall make available, to present employees on request and to new employees at the time of hire, enrollment forms and other forms required for participation in the BCTF Plan. Completed forms shall be processed and forwarded to the designated trustee by the employer.
6. If in any month, an employee is not in receipt of sufficient net pay to cover the monthly payroll deduction amount for any reason, the contribution to the BCTF Plan for that employee shall not be made for that month. If the employee wishes to make up any missed contribution(s), the employee shall make arrangements for same directly with the designated trustee.
7. Employees shall have the opportunity to enroll or re-enroll in the BCTF Plan as follows:
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a. between September 1 and September 30 or December 15 and January 15 in any school year;
b. no later than sixty (60) days following the commencement of employment.
8. An employee may withdraw from participation in the BCTF Plan where he/she has provided thirty (30) days’ written notice to the employer.
9. There shall be no minimum monthly or yearly contribution required of any employee who participates in the BCTF Plan.
10. Participating employees may vary the amount of their individual contributions to the BCTF Plan on either or both of October 31 and January 31 in any school year, provided that written notice of such change has been provided to the employer no later than September 30 for changes to be effective October 31, and December 31 for changes to be effective January 31.
11. The BCTF Plan established in a district pursuant to Article B.5.3 shall be made available to employees on a continuing contract of employment and employees on term or temporary contracts of employment as defined in the Previous Local Agreement.


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