Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    Educational Assistants employed to assist teachers in carrying out their responsibilities and duties shall be under the instructional supervision of teachers. Teachers shall not assume employment supervision responsibilities for Educational Assistants.

2.    Educational Assistants shall not assume any instructional responsibility for providing educational programs to students or groups of students that are not planned, organized and supervised by a teacher, or by a teacher-on-call where a teacher is absent pursuant to Articles A.18, A.7.1, and G.2 to G.22 of this Agreement.

3.    It is recognized that it is valuable for teachers and Educational Assistants whom they supervise to meet and conference regularly.  The Board shall, upon the request of a teacher (in cases involving special needs students the request shall be made through the school-based team), make provision for the teacher to meet and conference with the Educational Assistant whom he/she supervises, on the following conditions:

       a.    The Director of Student Services must approve any arrangements based on special educational needs;

       b.    such time may be provided for either within the instructional day or immediately preceding or following the instructional day;

       c.    such time shall not exceed one hour per week unless approved in writing by the Superintendent or designate.

4.    Educational Assistants shall not be used to replace bargaining unit members.


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