Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    There shall be a Teacher/Board liaison process which shall have the full support of both parties to this Agreement, in the interest of providing the best possible communications and understanding between the Board and the Association.

2.    Meetings shall be held between four (4) representatives of the Association and four (4) representatives of the Board as and when requested by either party.  Such meetings shall occur no more than three (3) times during a school year unless the Association and the Board representatives agree to additional meetings.  A notice and agenda of the meetings shall be prepared at least (2) days prior to the meeting and the discussion at the meeting shall be confined to the items on the agenda.  In the event that a nil agenda is circulated, the meeting shall not take place

3.    The primary purpose of these meetings shall be to promote a mutual understanding and discussion of contract-related concerns of a general nature, including those which may potentially lead to grievances, provide a forum for discussion of matters dealing with educational programs and the provision of educational services, as well as to discuss administrative decisions regarding provision of educational programs, staff and facilities.

4.    A Board and an Association representative shall be designated as joint Chairpersons and shall alternate in presiding over meetings.

5.    The discussions at these meetings shall not assume jurisdiction over salary and benefits, or any other matters of collective bargaining, including administration of this collective agreement.

6.    The discussions as provided for in this Article shall not supersede the activities of any committee of the Association or the Board and do not have the power to bind either the Association or its members or the Board to any decisions on conclusions reached in its discussions.  Recommendations may be made to the Association and to the Board with respect to the discussions and conclusions of the Association and Board representatives as provided for in this Article.


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