Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    a.    Each school shall have a recognized Staff Committee in place by the end of the first full week of school in each school year.

       b.    Each school shall have a Staff Committee consisting of the school's Administrative Officer(s) and at least two teachers elected by the teaching staff of the school.

       c.    It is recognized that at small schools all teachers and Administrative Officer(s) may constitute the Staff Committee.

       d.    Staff Committees shall meet at least once each month to discuss issues relevant to the teaching staff of the school.  Any member of the school's staff may bring forward at any time an issue for discussion by the Staff Committee.

2.    The Staff Committee may discuss and make recommendations to the school staff and/or Administrative Officers in areas that are relevant to the teaching staff.  It is recognized that the role of the Staff Committee is that of an advisory nature and shall not impact in any way upon the duties of Administrative Officer(s) as provided for in the School Act and Regulations and as assigned by the Board.  Except for aspects of personnel or other matters of a confidential nature, the school administration shall provide a rationale to the Staff Committee when a decision is made not to implement recommendations.

3.    The Chairperson of the Staff Committee shall be on a rotational basis between the Association representatives on the Committee and the Administrative Officer representatives on the Committee.

4.    a.    Dates of regularly scheduled Staff Committee meetings shall be established at the first Staff Committee meeting of the year.  Additional meetings shall take place as required.

       b.    Preliminary agendas of all regularly scheduled Staff Committee meetings shall be published and distributed to all teaching staff by the Chairperson at least two days prior to the meeting dates.

5.    Minutes of Staff Committee meetings shall be recorded and made available to all teaching staff and Administrative Officers.  Copies shall be filed in the general office of the school and a copy sent to the Association by the teacher representatives on the Committee.


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