Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1. The employer agrees to deduct from the salary of each employee covered by this Collective Agreement an amount equal to the fees of the BCTF according to the scale established pursuant to its constitution and by-laws, inclusive of the fees of the local in the district, according to the scale established pursuant to its constitution and by-laws, and shall remit the same to the BCTF and the local respectively. The employer further agrees to deduct levies of the BCTF or of the local established in accordance with their constitutions and by-laws, and remit the same to the appropriate body.
2. At the time of hiring, the employer shall require all new employees to complete and sign the BCTF and Local application for membership and assignment of fees form. The BCTF agrees to supply the appropriate forms. Completed forms shall be forwarded to the local in a time and manner consistent with the Previous Local Agreement or the existing practice of the parties.
3. The employer will remit the BCTF fees and levies by direct electronic transfer from the district office where that is in place, or through inter-bank electronic transfer. The transfer of funds to the BCTF will be remitted by the 15th of the month following the deduction.
4. The form and timing of the remittance of local fees and levies shall remain as they are at present unless they are changed by mutual agreement between the local and the employer.

5. The employer shall provide to the BCTF and the local at the time of remittance an account of the fees and levies, including a list of employees and amounts paid.


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