Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

This Collective Agreement rests on two fundamental assumptions.

First, the Board and the Association are striving for educational excellence in School District No. 72. We believe that we can mutually foster this excellence by building a vibrant school district community of learners. In this vision of excellence, we affirm that the learner is central to our organizational purpose, and that the process of learning is life-long. Our learning community is also founded on a system of values which include respect for diversity and commitment to professional collegiality. Our school district culture views adversarial relationships, exploitation, and selfish competition as impediments to educational excellence. We are committed to dialogue, to cooperation, and to moral integrity. The students in our care deserve nothing less than our commitment to these values.

Second, the Board and the Association recognize that School District No. 72 is also a workplace for teachers. In this workplace we affirm our joint commitment to high standards in our personnel policies, personnel practices, and labour relations. This Collective Agreement specifically invokes personnel standards of confidentiality and employee protection which are consistent with the provisions and highest principles of current legislation. Moreover, we affirm our respect for diversity by rejecting policies and practices which unlawfully discriminate against employees and students. In circumstances where sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination are established, the Board and the Association shall provide protection and support to victims in accordance with the provisions of this Collective Agreement.

We believe that excellence in learning and excellence in personnel practices are the hallmarks of a truly progressive school district. A commitment to excellence reflects our mutual concern for high levels of organizational justice. In a wider cultural milieu which has historically tolerated mediocrity and unethical discrimination, these commitments to excellence represent countervailing forces for the common good.


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