Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    Short-term leave of absence shall mean a leave of absence for less than five (5) school months.

2.    A request for leave of absence should be submitted in writing to the Principal of the school who shall forward it to the Superintendent.

3.    Application forms should be filed at least three (3) weeks before the effective date of the leave.  If circumstances do not permit this, application should be filed as soon as possible, but in any event, before the leave is taken.

4.    A teacher requesting leave of absence shall be advised in writing of the disposition of the request, with a copy to the Principal.

5.    Short-term leaves of absence for professional or Association purposes may be granted by the Superintendent on the following basis:

       a.    All leaves of absence must be requested in writing by the appropriate authority, such as:

              i.    Ministry of Education,

             ii.    Canadian Teachers’ Federation; and

            iii.    Another school district.

       b.    Leave of absence for an individual shall be approved to a maximum of ten (10) days in any school year, except in the case of a person holding a B.C. Teachers' Federation executive position.

       c.    The organization requesting services shall be responsible for actual teacher-on-call and traveling expenses. 

6.    Writing Examinations/Summer Courses

       a.    Leave of absence to write approved examinations or leave of absence to attend convocation at which the teacher is to receive a degree shall be granted up to one (1) full day without loss of pay.

       b.    Leave of absence after June 15th shall be granted to teachers to take approved summer courses where attendance is required before June 30th.  Length of leave and amount of payment of salary shall, in each case, be determined by the Board. 

7.    The total of number of days of leave of absence granted pursuant to Articles G.21.5, G.21.6 and A.18.2 of this Agreement shall not exceed fifteen (15) days in any school year, except in the case of a person holding a B.C. Teachers' Federation executive position. 

8.    Assignment After Short-Term Leave

       a.    A teacher returning from short-term leave within a school year shall be re-assigned to the same position held prior to the leave.


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