Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    A teacher may apply for extended maternity/adoptive leave in accordance with Article G.14 (Parental/Adoptive Leave) of this Agreement.

2.    A parental leave (inclusive of adoptive leave) shall be granted upon request:

       a.    as provided for in Part 6 of the Employment Standards Act (1996), or

       b.    for a stated period of time equal to or longer than the period in Article G.14.2.a of this Agreement, so that the return to duty will coincide with the earlier of the following term or semester, or the Spring Break.

3.    In the case of adoption, paid leave shall be granted up to five (5) school days to either parent or both, if both are employees of the Board, for mandatory interviews or travel time to receive the child.  All rights guaranteed under the Employment Standards Act shall apply.

4.    On the birth of a child, or in the case of adoption or legal guardianship, either parent or both, if both are employed by the Board, shall be granted one (1) day leave with pay, subject to leave being taken within six (6) days of the release of that child to the parent(s)' care, and any further days with or without pay, subject to the approval of the Superintendent.

5.    A teacher may request a leave of absence for parental/adoption purposes for up to two (2) school years and, depending on extenuating family circumstances, may be granted an additional year at the discretion of the Board on the condition that such leave end on June 30th.

[See also PCA Article G.2 Compassionate Care Leave for leaves in excess of five days.]


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