Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    It is recognized that the purpose of sick leave is to provide sick leave benefits as set out in this Article to teachers who are unable to work due to injury or illness of the teacher.

2.    Sick leave is earned at the rate of one and one-half (1-1/2) days for each month taught by the teacher in the service of the Board.

3.    Part-time teachers shall accumulate sick leave in proportion to the percentage of time that they teach.

4.    Any days during which the teacher has been absent with full pay for reasons of illness or unavoidable quarantine shall be charged against any sick leave accumulated by the teacher.

5.    There is no maximum to the number of days of sick leave that may be accumulated.

6    Fifteen (15) days of sick leave shall be available to each teacher at the beginning of the school year.  The amount paid to a teacher for sick leave advanced but not earned during a year shall be repaid by the teacher to the Board progressively throughout the school year pursuant to Article G.11.2 of this Agreement.

7.    Teachers commencing employment with the Board during the year shall have available to them the quota of sick leave benefits which would accrue to them for the balance of the school year.

8.    Each teacher shall receive on or before October 1st an annual accounting of his/her accumulated sick leave.

9.    If a teacher ceases to be employed by the Board prior to the end of a school year, any sick leave days which were used but not earned shall be repaid to the Board by the teacher.  Should the teacher fail to meet this obligation, the Association shall be responsible.

10.    The maximum number of sick leave days that may be utilized by a teacher in any school year shall not exceed 120 days.

11.    After consultation between a teacher and the Superintendent, the teacher may be required to provide an acceptable medical certificate in relation to any absence due to illness.

12.    Where a teacher is in receipt of Workers' Compensation and at the same time is entitled to sick leave, the Board shall fractionally increase the teacher's benefits to full pay and shall debit the teacher's sick leave credit with the same fraction of full days.

13.    a.    If a teacher resigns or is laid off from the Board's employ and subsequently resumes a position as a teacher with the Board, the teacher shall have immediate credit upon resumption of a position with the Board of the balance of all sick leave remaining to the teacher's credit at the time of the teacher's resignation or layoff, except for unused sick leave that was previously ported from SD No. 72 to another district, pursuant to PCA Article G.1.

         b.    Pursuant to PCA Article G.1, an employee who is rehired to SD No. 72 is entitled to port a maximum of sixty (60) unused sick leave days accumulated or ported in his/her previous school district.

[See PCA Article G.1 for porting of sick leave to/from other school districts.]


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