Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1. a. An employee shall be entitled to a minimum of three (3) days of unpaid
discretionary leave each year.
b. The leave will be subject to the educational requirements of the district and the
availability of a replacement. The leave must be approved by the superintendent or designate. The request shall not be unreasonably denied.
2. The leave will be in addition to any paid discretionary leave provided in local
3. The combination of this provision with any other same provision shall not exceed three (3) days.
1. Any and all superior provisions contained in the previous collective agreement shall remain part of the collective agreement. The combination of this provision with any other same or superior provision shall not exceed three (3) days.
2. The provisions of this article establish a minimum level of entitlement for unpaid discretionary leaves for all employees. Where the minimum level of entitlement has already been met through any previous provisions relating to discretionary leaves, an employee shall receive no additional entitlement.
3. The parties will develop a schedule of districts where collective agreement articles do not already provide the same or a similar entitlement through previous articles and to which this new article shall apply.
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