Campbell River District Teachers' Association

School District 72

1.    The purpose of Primary/Intermediate school accreditation is to provide school staffs with an opportunity to develop, in cooperation with their local communities, the best possible school climate and programs to enhance student learning.

2.    The Primary/Intermediate accreditation process shall occur only in those schools where the school staff decides after full explanation of the process by a 70% majority decision and secret ballot to undertake the accreditation.  Such a vote shall occur once in a school year except as provided for in Article F.13.3 of this Agreement.)

3.    If changes occur within a school which could affect the decision to proceed with an accreditation, the decision shall be reviewed by September 15th.  Newly appointed staff members shall be involved in the review.

4.    Individual participation on the self-assessment committee is voluntary.

5.    Where the school self-assessment committee defines resources required in Year One beyond those provided for in the B.C. Primary-Intermediate Accreditation Guide, the committee may apply to the Superintendent or designate responsible for accreditation for the additional resources to a maximum of 33-1/3% of the Ministry Year One funding.  Such resources shall not be unreasonably denied.  Resources to be considered, but not limited to, are:

       a.    staff release time to carry out aspects of the accreditation process;

       b.    additional secretarial and research assistance, including translation and printing services, if necessary;

       c.    additional non-instructional time;

       d.    appropriate technology.

6.    The school self-assessment committee and the Superintendent or designate responsible for accreditation shall consult on the membership of the external team proposed by the Manager, Primary-Intermediate Accreditation.

7.    The school staff and the external team shall make every effort to agree on a finalized Plan for School Growth.  If part(s) of the external team's written report are in conflict with the school staff's self-assessment and Plan for School Growth, the external team chairperson may return to re-assess and further discuss the external team report with the school staff.

8.    The external team's written report shall only be provided to the school staff concerned, district staff and the Board, and the Ministry of Education.

9.    When a finalized Plan for School Growth is agreed to by the school staff and submitted to the Program and Evaluation Branch, Ministry of Education, all forthcoming funds for implementation of the Plan shall be made available to the school.  It is agreed that receiving accreditation funds will not adversely affect a school's application and access to other sources of funding such as but not limited to:

       a.    Professional development funds;

       b.    Implementation funds;

       c.    Interaction grants.

10.    This Article F.13 shall be subject always to the provisions of the B.C. Primary-Intermediate Accreditation Guide and if there is any conflict between this Article and the B.C. Primary-Intermediate Accreditation Guide, the Guide shall take precedence.


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